Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow may be the modern day standard for film pirates but it’s commonly known that he never won the coveted “Pirate of the Year” award, a prize any pirate worth his sea salt would give his peg leg for. The generically named Captain Pirate in “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” certainly hasn’t given up that dream in his twenty plus years. After spending 5 minutes with this lovable bunch it looks like this year is a long shot as well. In their quest the Misfits compete with much abler pirates, have a kitchen spat with the Queen of England, and bring showmanship to the scientific community. Since this crew was brought to us by the creative team behind the Wallace & Gromit movies it’s no surprise it is a marvel to watch too. But it is the slightly offbeat British humor that propels it. Charles Darwin as a bad guy? Truly inspired.

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