How cool would it be if your childhood teddy bear could talk? Even cooler, what if he became your buddy through life? Thunder buddies. Whenever dark storms rumbled with “God’s farts” your thunder buddy was there to comfort you. Through the power of a childhood wish, it all comes true for John Bennett when his Ted-dy bear comes to life and becomes a short-lived celebrity (ala’ Different Strokes). Sadly, over time, the dream wears away as Ted becomes a forgotten child star and resigns himself to a lifetime of underachieving. Inevitably the man-bear bond causes friction between John (Mark Wahlberg) and his girlfriend of 4 years (Mila Kunis). At the same time Ted is stalked by a father-son duo that were fans of his earlier work. As relationships crumble and the stalkers escalate their efforts, “Ted” never falters. Loaded with pop references and a few surprises this is one of the funniest movies about a Ted-dy Bear you will ever see. Quite possibly any stuffed animal for that matter. Be warned though. Ted can be as vulgar as a Frat rush party or as sweet as the teddy bear he truly is. He’s not the most polished bear you’ll ever see but he’s hard not to love. His job interviews at a supermarket should be locked in a lurid-comic time capsule. If you can handle the language, sex, and drugs then “Ted” deserves a big hug. You won’t be able to help yourself.

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