Based on the poster this little-movie-that-could might be mistaken for some type of horror movie. Don’t be misled. The title is taken from a classified ad placed in a (fictional) Seattle magazine to recruit applicants for a time traveling adventure with the clear disclaimer that risks are involved. But it’s not a science fiction movie either. What it IS though is a sweet, sometimes funny movie about relationships, with some time travel thrown in…maybe. Given the chance who wouldn’t go back to fix a few things in their past. Especially a second chance at the one that got away. That’s the way Jeff, a journalist with two interns in tow, sees this. He offers to cover the story but is really planning on hooking up with an ex-girlfriend instead. Thank goodness the interns he brings along take the story a bit more seriously and one, Darius (Aubrey Plaza), even gets herself signed on to the time travel training program. The experience helps her discover something in herself as she starts to fall for semi-crazy inventor Kenneth (Mark Duplass)  and she seems to bloom over the course of the film. It’s not a flashy movie but it does have a thing or to to say about relationships and life in all of their various stages, past and present.

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