True story. Man walks into a town…well, the rest is best left for the film to tell but it’s not a stretch that this story is as unbelievable as most bar jokes you’ve heard. Except this really happened. In the small East Texas town of Carthage, funeral home assistant “Bernie” Tiede is universally loved by everyone, except Marjorie Nugent. And there lies the rub. As good as Jack Black is in the role of Bernie, it’s the running commentary by the Carthage townspeople that may be the stars of the film. It’s hard to compete with homespun euphemisms. That said, this may be my favorite Jack Black character since his slacker role in Margo at the Wedding. He wisely keeps the wackiness in check and portrays Bernie as lovable, caring, and elusively gay. As the story unfolds, its easy to see what the good people of Carthage saw in him. Loved it. True story.

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