Why oh why can’t Spider-man be real. He would have cheerily dispensed with the giggling group of teen thugs that chose to text and talk during the movie I was watching about him. Stuffing their mouths with popcorn then sealing them with spider webs would have drawn applause…uh…but I digress. This isn’t about me. But it could have been if I had been bitten by a lab spider like Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). He’s just an ordinary kid with super-arachnoid powers. You pretty much know the story. Spidey swings both ways. He’s good but the police and general populace think he’s bad. What’s a spider-guy to do to earn some respect? Stopping a crazed lizard scientist that’s trying to change the city into a giant science project is a good place to start. The two first meet on a bridge where the ¬†gargantuan gecco is ripping through cars looking for those paying too much on their car insurance. Their paths cross again and again, with each meeting offering more inspired fight scenes that are some of the best in any super-hero movie. Add in IMAX-3D and everything is amped up so you feel as though you’re actually swinging through NYC yourself. This is Spider-man as he was meant to be seen.

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