Although opening for the Grateful Dead, playing with Bonnie Raitt, or with B.B. King wasn’t enough to bring him fame/riches, ┬áPaul Pena proved that one good song can certainly set you up with a steady income for life. Forget the rest. Sadly, Pena is another sad footnote in the constantly growing list of rock’s “what if’s?” releasing only 2 albums over 28 years and passing at the age of 55. The second album contains his own version of a song he penned on a plane trip from Boston to Montreal to play with T-Bone Walker. After Steve Miller heard an unreleased version of the song he made it into the hit we all know. It was perfect for pop radio. But Pena had a voice more in the vein of Dobie Gray or Richie Havens and sang with same porch-swing earthiness. Pena’s version is the hit that should have been.

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