Scrap everything you know about sports movies or documentaries. It’s well known there are many excellent ones out there too. Happy Gilmore? But rare is a film that has this immediacy, revealed as it happens, and populated with the people that shaped it. The Manassas Tigers are a Tennessee High School team that served as a whipping boy for other larger (and wealthier) high schools as long as anyone can remember. But Head Coach Bill Courtney is determined to change all that. Although it turned out to be a much bigger job than he ever imagined he was up for the challenge because he believed that “football doesn’t build character, football reveals character.” He knew these kids had something that others couldn’t see. Stuck with a real life band of misfits Courtney somehow shapes this group into a team that even surprises themselves. The insight into many of the players personal lives is heart-wrenching and inspiring. “Undefeated” talks to us on so many levels (social issues, personal faith, perseverance, family, team-building, etc.) that it’s no surprise it took home the oscar for Best Documentary in 2012.

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