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Not your Dad’s animation: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow may be the modern day standard for film pirates but it’s commonly known that he never won the coveted “Pirate of the Year” award, a prize …

City to City

Music that shapes us: City to City

In Ken Emerson’s 1978 RS review he asked (rhetorically) “After all, when was the last time you bought an album boasting more than fifty minutes of music? And great music …

Acid Queen

Heard it before: Whole Lotta Love

1975-It’s a bold move for anyone to cover what may be considered sacred territory in the pantheon of rock, but Anna Mae Bullock’s life was an exclamation point and she …

Distant Light

Music that shapes us: Distant Light

The Hollies were one of England’s most prolific hit makers of the sixties but by the time Distant Light had come out Graham Nash and Alan Clarke had already moved …

Live at Amoeba

Heard it before: Billie Jean

  Cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean by Civil Wars

Blue Light Til Dawn

Heard it before: Come On in My Kitchen

02 Come On In My Kitchen In 1994 Wilson began a three year run being recognized as Downbeat’s Jazz Vocalist of the Year. It’s no surprise that “Blue Light ‘Til …


Guy’s 45′s : Little Green Bag

Of all my brother’s 45s I was most excited to inherit this one when he moved out. Something about the strutting bass line and Tom Jones-like vocals made it the …