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1000 (or less) places to hear before you die: Graceland

[mp3jtrack="" flip="y"] During Apartheid…

Rickie Lee Jones

1000 (or less) places to hear before I die: Danny’s All-Star Joint

Chicago native Rickie Lee Jones was discovered in L.A. but her big shoulder roots remained the muse for her early songwriting. If we’re shaped by where we come from then …

Guitar Town (Reissue)

1000 (or less) places to hear before I die: Guitar Town

In spite being told “you can’t get far on thirty-seven dollars and a Jap guitar” Steve Earle succeeded on his own terms. His big guitar sound and highway worn lyrics …

Brick By Brick

1000 (or less) places to hear before I die: Butt Town

There was a time in the 80′s when no one seemed interested in recording Iggy Pop. Not one to be backed into a corner he recorded some of his best …

New Train

Heard it before: Jet Airliner

Although opening for the Grateful Dead, playing with Bonnie Raitt, or with B.B. King wasn’t enough to bring him fame/riches, ┬áPaul Pena proved that one good song can certainly set …

Let It Be [2009 Stereo Remaster]

Guy’s 45′s: For You Blue

This is a song I typically heard at 6 AM.